May 14, 2021

COVID-19 Response Protocol for Long-Term Care Updated

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April 21, 2021

Memorandum: Eye/Facial Protection in Long-term Care and Assisted Living from Island Health

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March 26, 2021

The Government of BC has announced that there will be changes regarding long-term care visitation.

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January 22, 2021

Long-Term Care resident vaccination phase well under way

January 20, 2021

BC CDC COVID Vaccine Resource for Health Care Professionals

An overview of the provincial program and answers many commonly asked questions about the COVID vaccine.

January 15, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Updates

Island Health continues to move forward with our COVID-19 vaccination program, offering vaccination appointments to the priority groups identified in the B.C. government's vaccine distribution strategy.

Many medical staff who work in hospital and urgent care settings have received the COVID-19 vaccination memo and survey link. If an eligible medical staff member has not yet received the email please share that memo. Do not share memo and link with anyone other than your eligible medical staff. If you are unsure about their eligibility, please send a message to

The scheduling process is underway and eligible medical staff will be contacted in the coming days.

Message from Dr. Stanwick re: second doses

January 13, 2021

In two videos by Island Health, LTC physicians Drs Katharine McKeen and Peter Neweduk explain why getting vaccinated in LTC matters, and why everyone who's eligible should get the vaccine as soon as possible and support others to receive it.


January 7, 2021

Weekly COVID-19 Outbreak Report for Long-Term Care, Assisted Living & Independent Living Facilities


December 31, 2020

Memo from Dr. Manville, Medical Director Long-term Care, regarding orders for LTC resident vaccinations.

Dec 2020 memo #13 vaccines

December 21, 2020

Memo from Dr. Margaret Manville, Medical Director Long-term Care, Regarding Island Health LTC Physician COVID-19 Outbreak Response Principles and Guidelines

Dec 2020 LTC memo #12v2

December 17, 2020

LTCI 2020 Evaluation on the COVID Response

The results are in for our 2020 LTCI COVID-19 Response Evaluation! This year we focused on activities undertaken by the LTCI to support LTC physicians and care homes to maintain best-practice expectations and system-level outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic. A big thank you to all who participated by sharing your feedback and ideas. See our two page summary report:  Vic-SI LTCI - COVID Evaluation Summary Two Pager FINAL.

December 7th 2020

LTC outbreak guidelines for medical coordinators

October 28th 2020

Island Health Long-term Care Communication Bulletin | Fall 2020

August 14th 2020

Register now! COVID-19 Through a Quality Lens: Critical Care – Emerging Networks and Tools to Improve Care

Monday, August 17, 2020 • 1400 - 1500 PDT.  Follow the link here to find out more.

August 13 2020

To support the LTC sector, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute invite teams delivering healthcare for older adults in congregate settings to join a new program, LTC+: Acting on Pandemic Learning Together.

This program is based on findings captured in a recent report, Reimagining Care for Older Adults: Next Steps in COVID-19 Response in Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes, which was developed from more than 40 interviews with family partners in care, healthcare leaders and policy makers. It focuses on promising practices in six key areas that have the potential to help organizations prepare for future COVID-19 outbreaks, or mitigate their effects.

Apply now here

July 3rd 2020

The Ministry of Health mandates all staff working in Long-term Care & Assisted Living (including physicians) must self-assess, track temperature, self-isolate and test if you have symptoms.

More here: COVID19_StaffScreening_June2020

July 1st 2020

Updated visitor restrictions for LTC and Assisted Living allow residents to see visitors, one person at a time

June 10th 2020

Annebeth, one of our Long-term Care Initiative coordinators, just delivered brand new iPads to Administrator Walter Greaser at The Heights at Mt View. Thanks to the iPads and the great support of nursing staff, residents and their doctors can now “see” each other when a virtual visit is required. The Long-term Care Initiative purchased iPads for several homes in Greater Victoria who expressed interest as part of their COVID-19 outreach response. #VirtualCARE

May 26th 2020

2020 05 26 LTC Communication Bulletins re COVID 19 #10- FAQ's

May 19th 2020

2020 05 19 LTC Communication Bulletins re COVID 19 #9

April 6th 2020

2020 04 06 LTC Communication Bulletins re COVID 19 #6 

April 3rd 2020

LTC communication bulletin COVID-19 #5

March 23rd 2020

LTC communication bulletin COVID-19 #3

March 19th 2020

2020 03 18 LTC Communication Bulletins re COVID 19 #2

March 18th 2020

VIHA visitor/staff screening tool for Long-term Care Sites:

March 17th 2020

Infection Prevention and Control for Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19): Interim guidance for Long term Care and Assisted Living Facilities

March 16th 2020 - Recommendations from LTC Medical Advisory Committee: COVID-19 #1

LTC communication bulletin COVID-19 #1

February 26th 2020 - Evaluation 2018/2019

The Victoria-South Island Long-term Care Initiative (LTCI) program undertakes a yearly evaluation on a three year cycle of community-level measures, care home-level measures, and provider-level measures. For the 2018/2019 evaluation, the team did a deep dive into care conference (CC) attendance. As one of the Best Practice Expectations (BPE’s) we believe that CC's are both central and pivotal to successfully meeting the overall goals of the LTCI. Overall, 60% of all scheduled CC's during the audit period were attended by MRPs, a relative increase of 300% since year zero of the LTCI 2014/2015.

Individual reports relating to CC attendance have been delivered to all Long-term Care (LTC) Homes and LTC physicians. These reports aim to provide a snapshot in time and inform actions of the LTCI to address structural barriers of CC attendance.

Interested in learning more about our 2018/2019 Evaluation? Follow the link below to read our summary and aggregate reports.

2018/2019 LTCI Evaluation Summary Report

2018/2019 LTCI Evaluation Aggregate Report

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