We ❤ care home teams!

An Introduction to Your Local LTCI

We ❤ LTC teams! The managers, directors of care, nurses, health care aides, and other staff members that make up LTC teams are key partners in achieving positive changes in medical care for residents, and improving the LTC working environment.

In fact, we’re such fans of LTC homes and staff that when we visit, we’ll almost always show up with donuts (or other snacks).

Our goal is to support our LTC partners in any way we can - please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about the LTCI, an idea you’d like to try, or feedback for us.

We like hearing from you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Vic-SI LTCI?

Our program is made up of local physicians, Victoria and South Island Division of Family Practice members, and LTCI’s program team.

What does the Vic-SI LTCI do?

We partner with LTC home teams and physicians to support quality improvement processes. Quality improvement (QI) in healthcare aims to create a culture of medical excellence, teamwork, and sustainability. QI processes are tailored to the needs of each LTC home, and can look pretty different from site to site.

Can you be more specific about QI? What types of QI processes does the LTCI support and how?

The LTCI provides financial, administrative, and organizational support to care homes who are interested in QI programs. We also provide a variety of tools and resources including:

  • templates, toolkits, and clinical guidelines to help with organization and decision-making for nurses, care home staff, and families
  • supports for holding interdisciplinary team meetings (setting up meetings/agendas/QI plans)
  • money for QI projects (funding varies per year)
  • Best Practice Expectation reviews – meetings with an LTCI Program Coordinator to help determine areas at your care home that might benefit from QI support

Curious? Check out some of our tools and resources!

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