Quality Improvement (QI) in the field of healthcare uses methods that support positive change in both the quality of medical care offered and the working environment experienced by GPs, nurses, and other team members in LTC homes. For tools to help with a QI project, or to learn more about QI methods, check out the resources listed below.

Health Quality BC - Long-Term Care

Efforts to improve the quality and safety of individuals living in BC LTC homes are needed now more than ever. Through the LTC+: Acting on Pandemic Learning Together Program, HQBC is supporting improvements in care for people living and working in LTC and assisted living homes.

Health Quality Ontario - Quality Improvement Guide

This guide is an introductory resource to support healthcare practitioners in their QI processes and initiatives. It reviews QI in the field of healthcare, provides project cases, outlines the model of improvement, and covers QI methods and tools.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School

​​​​​​​The IHI Open School offers more than 30 online courses on quality improvement in health care. Through​ narrative, video, and interactive discussion, the courses create a dynamic learning environment to inspire students and health professionals of all levels.​​

​​​IHI's Patient Safety Essentials Toolkit is a helpful companion for you and your organization on the journey to delivering safe, reliable care every time, for every patient.​​​

IHI’s QI Essentials Toolkit includes the tools and templates you need to launch a successful quality improvement project, including cause and effect diagrams, run charts, PDSA worksheets, and more!​​​


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