Coordinated medical practice models assist physicians and care home staff in providing excellent patient care by maximizing time and efficiency, increasing coordination and collaboration, and building on the strengths of team-based care. The LTCI team is committed to developing practice models that support medical care at all local sites.

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Towards Optimal Residential Care Health (TORCH) Resources

TORCH (Towards Optimal Residential Care Health) provides a structure that enables improvements in proactive medical care, more on-site care, a reduced reliance on fax communication (which facility staff report is time consuming and takes away valuable time for patient care), and high levels of patient and provider satisfaction. TORCH physicians routinely say they find this practice model provides more efficient, predictable, and team-based care, resulting in high levels of satisfaction.


Collaboration and Coordination for Residential Excellence (CORE)

The CORE model aims to optimize collaborative, coordinated practice in long-term care and ensure quality, consistent medical care for residents. The CORE model allows for more individual flexibility than the highly structured TORCH model, while at the same time providing increased coordination and efficiency.

“The implementation of CORE has allowed our care conferences to become more organized. I know what’s happening in advance and I have all the necessary information on the resident beforehand. There’s nothing worse than being blindsided by information and looking like a dork.”

- Dr. Pat Gunton, Retired Family Physician


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