LTCI physician members provide after-hours coverage for 100% of residents in Victoria-South Island long-term care homes (approximately 3400 beds), with separate call groups for Victoria, the Saanich Peninsula, and Sooke.

Victoria is the largest of the three After-Hours Call Group (AHCG) regions. This group currently has 26 physicians providing after-hours coverage for approximately 3,000 residents in Victoria's LTC homes.

Saanich Peninsula

The Saanich Peninsula region has seven long-term care homes with approximately 400 residents. After-hours coverage is provided by 14 call group members on the Peninsula.


Sooke is the smallest of the three AHCG regions. It is geographically isolated, with one care home and one medical clinic managed by several family physicians. Sooke's call group self-organizes and provides coverage for approximately 30 residents.

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